2016 Jane Austen Festival- Bare Knuckle Boxing Demonstration

Period Fisticuffs at the 8th Annual Jane Austen Festival!


MOVE OVER, Darcy and Wentworth! SCATTER, all you milksop parsons and do-good reformers!! The BRUMMAGEM TRUMP is returning to Locust Grove!!! The Trump has not fought since that awful contest with the Acasta BIG GUN in the summer of ‘13, when, in an EPIC AFFRAY, both bruisers were reduced to red ruin and the surgeon’s care. But a late incident at THE FIVE’S COURT has induced the Trump, as it would any true man of spirit, to sign the articles and resume tough training! To be brief, the Trump, having been called “a beaten dog, a shattered hulk,” and several other choice epithets by the IRISH CHAMPION, Jem Doggerty, will meet said Doggerty on the Grove grounds, in midsummer, determined to chastise the Hibernian in the approved English manner. Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen of the Fancy, for what promises to be an exhibition of true manliness between two out-and-outers!

**To view part of the summer of ’13 fisticuffs contest, click HERE.**

Experience the Bare Knuckle Boxing Demonstration on Saturday, July 16th, from 4:00-4:30 p.m. and Sunday, July 17th, from 11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. This demonstration is included in Admission cost. For more information about the 8th Annual Jane Austen Festival, please go to our website: jasnalouisville.com



About JASNA Greater Louisville Region

Non-profit organization celebrating the life of Jane Austen. The Greater Louisville Region is part of the national organization, Jane Austen Society of North America. We have members from Southern Indiana and the Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky area. Hosts of the largest Jane Austen Festival in North America that takes place each year in July at Locust Grove, located in Louisville, Kentucky.
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